Friday, July 4, 2014

My Wife Doesn't Know Me...

He got into my cab. It was 8.45am.
He was in a hurry.
He said he had to get to the nursing home by nine to have breakfast with his wife.
I asked if she'd be upset if he was late.
No, he said, she has Alzheimers and hasn't recognised me for five years.
And you still go every morning to have breakfast with her even though she doesn't know
who you are I asked.
He smiled and said. She doesn't know me
but I still know her...


  1. Oh, that brought tears to my eyes. True love never dies.

  2. Dang! Hit right in the feelings.

  3. Are there any men like that around nowadays? Please contact Keith and he will give him my email address.

  4. My mom volunteered at a nursing home & told me about an Alzheimer's patient who, every day, walked with a female patient, who also had Alzheimer's, holding hands. One day Mom was introduced to the old gentleman's wife &, later, when she asked a nurse about the woman whose hand he held, the nurse said they had been strangers & then, one day began to walk together. The nurse began to explain to the man's wife, who might object, but instead his wife said, "I am so happy he has found a friend & can have a human touch. It is wonderful."

  5. That is beautiful. Thank you for sharing it.