Thursday, July 3, 2014

The Fun Things Some People Do With Their Volkswagens...

Folk have been having fun with their Volkswagens since the iconic vehicle was first produced in the late 1930's even though life wasn't too much fun in those days.
Nowdays anything goes and Bug Art is a world-wide phenomonen with creative people such as Indonesian artist Ichwan Noor having a ball with this 1953 Beetle sculpture he presented for the inaugural Chinese hosted Art Basel in Hong Kong last year.
Most private pieces of Bug Art don't get such worldwide attention as Mr Noor's but they're all important to the Vee Dub culture and reflect their owners idea of art.
As the number plate of one old bug states,
the car's a perennial.
And with a bit of luck, the old Vee Dub will be around forever...


  1. Everybody loves a VW don't they? So versatile, so beautiful and the mileage is like no other car. I've had several of them and they bring back great memories. When you can no longer drive them, they turn into art.

  2. Okay . . . now I want a VW tank. I came very close to buying a VW bus, but never quite sealed the deal on any of them. Left a husband and wife fighting over it once. Sad really. I had cash. He wanted the cash. She had the title and wanted a lot more than I was offering. Slowly backed away . . . Other times it was engine trouble that put me off on the deal.

    Still love those little bugs though.

  3. My Dad had a mid 1950's vintage bug back when I was a teenager. The ones with the small rear windows. My wife's uncle bought it in Europe when he was touring there and had it shipped back to the states and later my Dad bought it. I loved driving it.

  4. I loved my Bug! A friend had mushrooms growing in hers. You can still find them all over Portland, Oregon.