Thursday, July 24, 2014

Get Your Head Around These...

Get your head around these.
These head shots have been messing with my head for a while.
I got to standing on my head about them.
Yes I even had my head in the sand.
But now I'm holding my head up high.
None of them are a head of their time, nor are they likely to get a head in the world and there's certainly a head case or two amongst them.
And if you think two heads are better than one, here's ten. Heads you win...  


  1. That's a head of a blog today.........a few good heads of hair and a head start or two....

  2. Wow! Maybe I'd do something interesting with my hair . . . it I wasn't losing it.

  3. I an not sure that is the way to get a"head" in this world.

  4. I've seen enough, I'm heading to bed...

    1. Dear Mr Sleepyhead, obviously for some beauty sleep...