Thursday, November 15, 2012

Yesterday's Eclipse Of The Sun Was Very Very Weird...

Suddenly I noticed it was very cold.
Suddenly I noticed it was very dark.
Suddenly I wondered what the hell was going on. Was there something wrong with me?
Was I having an out of body experience?
Was this the end of the world or just mine?
I looked up at my E-Meter which tells me all I need to know and more about my Solar System.
It said 0.7 amps were hitting my panels.
Minutes before it had been 18 point something.
And then I realised.
Today is Wednesday and I'm in Northland and the sun was to be 90 percent eclipsed by the moon. It would be more noticeable here.
If I'd been on Australias' Great Barrier Reef or in their city of Cairns, I could have shared the total eclipse experience with sixty thousand scientists and astromoners from all over the world.
But where I was was weird enough...
Image shot at 10.26am Wednesday November 14, 2012. 
Courtesy of New Zealand's Auckland Observatory.
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  1. Great picture of the eclipse!! Funny, I forgot all about the eclipse even though I did mention the sun in my blog. I m old and suffer from CRS.

  2. I didn't even notice, must have been staring at my computer screen too hard?

  3. Here in Rotorua just a strange light at coffee break and a kind of crescent sun.

  4. I just fond your blog WONDERFUL WONDERFUL!! Every ?ounce" of it! Thank you Antonio Bronx, NY, USA