Friday, November 2, 2012

The Treehouses Of New Guinea's Korowai Tribe...

Until 1974 when the Korowai Tribe were discovered by a Dutch missionary, they'd lived lives of total isolation from the outside world.
Whether the well meaning missionary did this tribe any favours by discovering them can be disputed. They'd lived their lives up till then based on traditional values, concerning themselves with hunting and gathering, water collecting and wood for their cooking fires.
They didn't know the rest of the world existed. Lucky them.
These folk live in treehouses built up to thirty five metres high, in the tops of the forest's Banyan trees.
The shame is that since the 1990's, the Korowai have been exploited by many from so called civilised societies.
Their simple life has all but ceased to exist...

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  1. I guess their fear of what ever is on the ground is stronger than their fear of heights.

  2. I've seen a programme on this tribe - pretty amazing.

  3. I don't know how I stumbled upon this cool site, but here I am... lucky to be here. Very cool, "I'll be back." (say it like Arnold).
    Box Canyon Mark, Traveling the west from a home base in Lovely Ouray, Colorado, USA.