Saturday, November 17, 2012

Blanche Russell's Unique Stone House In Arizona's Marble Canyon...

Blanche Russell, sometime in 1927, was driving in the desolate Balancing Rocks, Vermilion Cliffs area around Arizona's Marble Canyon when her car broke down.
So the not to be fazed lady simply camped there overnight.
Deciding she loved the splendid isolation, the solitude, the scenery and the endless blue sky, she and her husband Bill bought some land and in the 1930's established a camp and a small trading company at Soup Creek and proceeded to build this unique stone house and its' attendant outbuildings.
I was out wandering as one does and found it featured on Tiny House Swoon.
Nowdays Blanche and Bill's house is called Cliff Dwellers Lodge and welcomes visitors with its delightfully quirky design.
Don't you just love the window detail...

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  1. That is quite a house. Next time I am in Aizona I will have to try and find it.

  2. I think this is incredible - if I wasn't so aversive to heat I could live in something like that.

  3. I love that "window to the world /to heaven"

  4. I was riding my motorcycle through there a couple weeks ago, and could not help but pull over and check this place out. It was amazing enough that I took the time to read up on it later. The two ladies selling Native American jewelry there were great as well.

  5. wayne.tomasi@gmail.comJune 14, 2018 at 9:19 AM

    The Blanche Russel house is near Soap Creek, not Soup Creek.