Thursday, November 8, 2012

Volkswagons To Go...

These wonderful vehicles are good to go.
Others have been and gone.
Veedubs have been around for a long time and the world would be a duller and sadder place without them.
How would the Hippy generation have got by without these wonderful wagons.
Imagine Flower Power without the Combi. Or the Kombi.
Or the world without the Beetle.
Imagine the Surfers not being able to go Veedubin at the beach.
It was the vehicle we used to Ban The Bomb.
The one we drove while listening to The Beatles, smoked dope and called for Universal Love and World Peace.
Each year the iconic status of the thousands of Veedubs around the world is more enhanced and so it should be.
Folkswagons to go. Forever..

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  1. I like those wonderful vehicles and we will have the opportunity to welcome even NZ Volkswagen enthusiastics in Germany next year.
    The 6th International Vintage Volkswagen Show 2013 will take place just around the corner about 100 km away from our home.

    1. Thanks Erika.
      You might recognise one of those photos as one you sent me.
      Thought I'd surprise you...

    2. Yes, a nice surprise. I remember well - photo no. 6 :-)

  2. Great pics Keith.......I love VW' a hot little one myself!

  3. To be honest I've always considered volkswagons to be rather an ugly little car but beauty is in the eye of the beholder and looking at these lovely pics I can see that there is a certain kind of beauty there. I always stand to be corrected..*smiles*

  4. I came very close to buying a VW van. I refused to go higher and lady refused to drop lower. It was almost funny. I had cash in hand and her husband wanted to sell real bad, but the van was in her name.

  5. I once owned a '72 Bus (aka Combi), yellow and white, that my college roommate and I took on an epic journey. We traveled from Connecticut (USA) to Milwaukee, Wisconsin, picked up another college mate, took him to Louisville, Kentucky, where we married him off, then toured down through Georgia and back up to Pennsylvania.

    Our trip credo was to stop and pick up every hitchhiker we encountered. At one point we had 13 in the bus. Naturally, any time someone hopped in, they brought out a joint in celebration.

    What a trip. At one point I was trying to get some shuteye on top of the engine in the rear. I recall the passengers just in front of me wondering whose bus it was, there being so many candidates on board.

    Ah, those were the days.

  6. Meh...

    I'm really more of a vintage watercooled VW fan:


  7. The photos you shared of VWs are the bomb. I really love vintage cars because they are old school, but beautiful and classy. Seeing those made me travel through time and reminisce the past. Thanks for sharing that, Keith! It's good to know of someone who has the same interest as me. All the best to you!

    Edward Taylor @ Niguel Auto