Sunday, November 25, 2012

The World's Longest Word Has 189,819 Letters And Takes Three And A Half Hours To Speak It Out Loud...

The longest word in the English language is evidently the full chemical name for titin which is a protein found in the human body.
It takes this man, who is not a slow reader, three and a half hours to say this word with its 189,819 letters, out loud.
During this time, worldwide, 51,443 babies
will be born and 22,365 people will die.
You'll have better things to do with your lives, even if it's watching paint dry, and although, like me, you won't understand a damn thing, you might like to have a quick look here...

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  1. Too bad you didn't have time to include that word on your blog, but that is OK, I didn't have time to read it.

  2. What an interesting blog. I don't think I'll bother to actually hear it but I find that amazing.Certainly puts our Maori one to rest!.

  3. hey, i found your blog a few days ago and i have been glued to it since, ill be moving to new zealand in january, i found myself a decent job and cant wait.

    keep blogging


  4. Trouble is... I might fall asleep in the middle of saying this extraordinarily supercalifragilistically long word... Then I would have to start again!