Wednesday, November 21, 2012

This Gorgeous Old City Of London Double Decker Bus Will Make A Wonderful Home On Wheels...

There's only thirteen of these gorgeous old Ladies of The Road left in the world and two of them are in New Zealand.
This 1952 AEC City of London double decker bus could end up being a wonderful home on wheels for someone.
It's been a labour of love over the last fifteen years for the owners, Lynette and Bevan, who've been carefully restoring their dream bus.
But now Delila's for sale.
You can find out all about it here...

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  1. As usual, your posts are unique and enjoyable. You've done it again today, and I'm smiling. Thank you

  2. Ah, these break my heart. Would that all buses were so gorgeous.


    for stories about Top Deck travel (double decker tours running from the 1970s early 1990s). Can't believe they were still running when I was in university. If I'd known about them then, I would have been off like a shot!


  3. Wow what a treasure & what a wonderful home it could be. I wish I was a builder. I would buy it.

  4. It's all been said in the above comments and if wishes were dreams that were doable I'd have one of those...*smiles*

  5. Everyone pause for thought. This is one of 13 buses left. Let's keep it as it always was for the future. The romance of a home in it cannot be denied but for me at least it would be a selfish act. Sorry