Sunday, November 4, 2012

Nature Shows How Weaverbirds Create Beautiful Tiny Homes...

The reason these little birds
are called Weaverbirds is obvious.
Once again nature shows us how to do things simply and beautifully.
There are about sixty different Weaverbirds in the species and the male always does the design and building as part of his wooing technique to attract a mate.
A journey begins with a single step and the Weaverbird's exquisite nest begins with a single strand of plant fibre.
You might take a few minutes to see more about them and watch a fascinating BBC video on how they build their beautiful tiny homes.
Nature shows us how. Again. And again...

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  1. They are engineers and craftsmen for sure.

  2. If I was a girl bird, I'd be truly impressed.

  3. Nice to hear that male chivalry still exists somewhere.