Thursday, November 8, 2012

Congratulations Mr President...

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  1. I would like to add my congratulations to this as well. I fell in love with this man after listening to his acceptance speech 4 years ago - and over the 4 years of his presidency with his beautiful wife Michelle as well...and I had no doubts he would win again - it's his destiny!.

  2. Many of us here in the US are incredibly relieved that he won, and with a respectable margin at that.

    We fear nothing more than the right-wing crazies gaining control. This at least gives us a four-year reprieve.

    If, in four years, the right-wingers do manage to wrest control of the nation, I might well be thinking about becoming a New Zealander!

  3. You should not be thinking of becoming one of us Emmitt, we're awesome! just bring Barak with you and we'll be invincible..*smiles*

  4. Quote: "I might well be thinking about becoming a New Zealander!"

    When G.W. Bush stole his second election in 2004, I actually put some serious research time into this very topic. Unless you are young, educated, and have a résumé showing lots of experience in a needed employable skill, forget it. N.Z., for all its charm and attraction, appears to have immigration laws designed to be very effective in keeping out common riff-raff like myself.

    1. Mr S. I'll have my riff-raff talk to their riff-raff. we need people like you...

  5. I'm so happy he's still our President. He's made so much progress in the first four years. I sure dreaded the thought of going backwards if he didn't get re-elected. Here's to four more years of more progress! Thank you, Keith, for being so sweet to recognize our U.S. President from there in New Zealand.