Wednesday, November 28, 2012

An Amazing Green Roofed City In The Sky Above Indonesia's Jakarta. A Hotchpotch Or A Pie In The Sky...

An international design team led by MVRDV have collaborated to create this amazing 400 metre tall city in the sky named Peruri 88.
The photos are so good that it looks like the real thing and not some pie in the sky.
But that's all it is. For now.
Another monument to Mammon it may be
but it's a conglomeration of several different buildings stacked atop, juxtaposed if you like, at different angles to create this, this hotchpotch or depending where you come from,
a hodge-podge...

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  1. Is that your garage where you park the flying tortoise?

  2. What makes someone build something like that?..and what would something like that cost that the money may have been better spent improving the infrastucture of some of Indonesia's poor communities!! Insane!!