Tuesday, November 13, 2012

The Housetruckers Hi-Tech Twin-Tub Washing Machine And Clothes Dryer...

The Flying Tortoise has been using this method of doing laundry for many years and it's still considered by many to be the greatest.
This method requires no electricity.
The agitator action is provided by the one and only moving part required and that's Thearm. When Thearm is tired it's possible to use Theotherarm.
The Deluxe model come with two tubs, sometimes referred to as buckets and the Standard model comes with one tub.
These handy containers can be used for other purposes when not being used for laundry duties.
The Plunger is very hi-tech, shouldn't be used by children without parental consent or adult supervision and comes in a range of designer colours to suit your decorating tastes.
This Plunger has things, the technical name is Holes, drilled in it to exacting engineering standards. Each hole has, for best results, to be the same diameter as the one on either side of it and they need to be an exact distance apart. There is a Techincal Helpline available online for the Do-It-Yourselfer with higher than average home-handyman skills.
Finally there is the Clothes Dryer. It comes complete with detailed instructions in twenty seven languages on how to erect it and peg your clothes to the line. Coloured pegs that match your laundry are available...

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  1. Haha... That's so funny. I think I will try it... Where do I get the coloured clothes line poles from?

  2. Got to love the humour in this. The simplicity of a neccesity - awesome.

  3. My Mother used that method back when I was a child. Seemed to work well and kept my Mom thin and looking good in the freshly washed clothes.

  4. I bet your repair bills are small to non-existent, too.

  5. found your blog last night. love it. and this post is especially hilarious. consider me a fan.
    much respect all the way from Romania :)
    and keep posting please.