Sunday, November 11, 2012

Bicycles. They've Come A Long Way...

Some will remember the old Penny Farthing
and we enjoy seeing them at street parades and fair grounds, but the world has changed and with it the ubiquitous bicycle.
Today's materials and technology allow designers the creative freedom to take the basic bicycle and turn it into an amazing art form.
Now if they'd only do something
about those ugly helmets...

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  1. I will let you ride those last two, they are not for me.

  2. The helmets I can live with. Can we please do something about the seats?

  3. Well now I have seen just about everything - can't see me on any of those but they are pretty.

  4. I have agree with Sixbears, the seats are horrid and were much more comfortable when I was a kid. Caniwi

  5. Well... I have a bicycle, nothing like these wonderful creations... But it has two wheels & the latest in gel seats. Very comfortable.