Friday, November 16, 2012

Greenpeace Brings Emergency Power To The People...

Greenpeace built a mobile solar array attached to a truck some years ago and gave it the very apt name of Rolling Sunlight.
The emergency unit proved its worth in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy recently.
Stationed in one of the worst hit areas, New York's Rockaway's, the truck which can store fifty kilowatt hours of power was truly a ray of sunshine for the residents who were able to charge their mobile phones and other devices. And keep in touch with family and friends.
A great idea to bring emergency power to the people in disaster situations.
Solar panels have never been so inexpensive.
Perhaps you could have your own emergency solar set-up or talk with your community about providing a similar sort of unit...

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  1. Stealing power from he sun - won't that make the sun burn out faster (grin). Seriously, solar is the energy of he future. Guess I should say solar panels, because oil, coal, wood, etc re all just stored solar energy.

  2. That's a sizable power array. I've been telling people to get at least some solar power for years now. Doesn't take much to charge a phone and keep a light on.

  3. Brilliant idea... We should all have solar power... Stop paying big money to the power companys.