Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Seventy Two Year Old Chinese Grandfather Becomes Teen Fashion Modelling Sensation...

Seventy two year old Liu Xianping was having fun as seventy two year old grandfathers do, helping unpack new stock for his granddaughters fashion store. And he put on some garments. Just for fun. His granddaughter and her four partners thought it was very funny and started taking photos of Grandpa Liu.
And the rest as they say, is history.
Liu Xianping became an instant celebrity and an internet sensation. The online sales of Yuekou's teen fashions have gone through the roof.
Now they need a new roof.
Said Grandpa Liu.
Modelling for my granddaughter is fun.
I'm very old and all I care about is to be happy.
I'm with you Grandpa...

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  1. And he will stay forever young & have fun doing it - another very interesting blog

  2. I will be 70 in Feb. and I like to have fun and do a lot of things. One is not modeling girls' clothes!!

  3. Haha... How fantastic. Fun is what lifes all about! I love the green tights.

  4. Keith, I see a promising new career path ahead for you, just make sure you get the proper shades!!!

    1. I've already written to a number of top fashion houses in Milan and Paris offering my talents. Now I guess I just have to wait patiently. Such an exciting prospect though. I say if they want my body, they can have it, at a price... And what about you Sharkey, surely you're not going to let an opportunity like this go by...

    2. My legs aren't skinny enough, and I've blown my androgynous appeal by not shaving my upper lip for the last 36 years. Not going to start now. Sorry.