Monday, November 19, 2012

Now's Your Chance To Buy The Frank Lloyd Wright Designed Massaro House Complete With Its Private Island...

I know that many of you have been hanging out waiting for this once in a lifetime opportunity and you've been squirreling away your dollars in a shoebox just in case this unique opportunity presented itself.
Well it has and you'll have to just fight amongst yourselves for the 5000 square foot Massaro House just a few miles north of Manhattan.
Frank Lloyd Wright designed it in 1949 but it wasn't built untill 2007 by Joseph Massaro.
It features native rock formation built in to the main foyer and kitchen and bathroom areas and all-round glass to take in the wonderful views. The iconic architect's inspiration sitting on Petra Island on Mahopac Island can be yours for only nineteen million dollars...

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  1. I would but don't think I could get my motor-home there and there is no place to park it.

  2. I coudn't even pay part of the taxes; never mind buy it. However, someday I might anchor a boat off the island to enjoy the very same views.

  3. An amazing design and construction...But I don't want it. I really covet 'The House That Sits on The Back of A Truck' featured on your blog on Nov 12. That's my dream...

  4. Yes it's beautiful and amazing but it's too permanent - I want to move around.

  5. Gee, you'd think that for 19 megabux, they'd have at least completed the excavation before building the house.

    And what's up with that mile-long sofa??? Doesn't anyone want to sit down face-to-face for pleasant conversation anymore?

    I was considering trading my Housetruck for this, but then I noticed in the last photo that there is no airstrip to land my personal jet aircraft on. So close, but so what?

  6. What a wonderful home. Love the last pic - the island is heart-shaped! How sweet!