Friday, August 31, 2012

You'll Be Able To Ride This Cute Little Tripod-Velomobile Soon...

The Velomobile is a fun form of transportation.
It's really a human powered recumbent tricycle with full body fairing to increase its aerodynamics and give the rider some protection.
In this velomobile, the rider sits upright to be able to see what's going on around him or her. Handy really.
It's got a full electric lighting system, horn, windscreen wiper and a high-visibility flag.
While it's intended to be pedal driven, it's also got a 500 watt electric motor for power assist.
This cute little machine is going into production sometime soon.
Check out more information here...

Technical difficulties still persist. 
Displaying more than one photo is a problem.
Using another method I'm able to display one image but other bloggers and myself are still waiting for Picasa/Google to remedy the situation.
But one image is better than none... 


  1. Here.... where?

    Did fixing the picture situation break the linking ability?

    1. Hi Maria. I've had the link checked and it's working ok on other's laptops. There does seem to be minor problems though at the moment so do try again.
      I'm using a round-about method to publish photo images but can only do one per post at this stage. It's very frustrating...

    2. Ahhhhh the link is working now, thanks :)

      I hope it gets fixed soon - technological issues sure do make our lives frustrating.