Thursday, August 2, 2012

Cougars Need Sleep Too...

Bill King found this beautiful sleeping Cougar high in a tree at Yellowstone National Park when visiting recently.
She's another who's obviously had a hard day
at the office.
Cougars are extremely dangerous, they hunt both alone and in packs and their prey
is younger men.
Bill, even though he's not a young man,
took his life in his hands to get close enough to photograph this gorgeous creature.
Thanks Bill for bravely venturing into such danger just to get a good shot.
There's no telling what this Cougar would have done when woken suddenly and been aroused by the scent of man.
Perhaps any man, regardless of age.
And she looks so harmless...
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  1. Mmmm... Ican't see any spots or stripes or claws... This Cougar must have different hunting tactics!

  2. I think this one is far to young to be a Courgar .........more like a Cougarette (perhaps In Training)

  3. Sounds a bit like courgette . Oh dear. Well she must have been busy she looks very tired.