Monday, August 27, 2012

The Flying Tortoise Goes Red In The Bedroom...

Not being content with The Flying Tortoise just having a red bottom, I've just had this gorgeous Rich Red duvet cover and pillowslips made for the bedroom.
I'm obviously going through some sort of change of life phase, not sure what it might mean from a Freudian perspective but who cares.
I did it to match the Geraniums...

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  1. And the summer palette will be......?

  2. She's a really pretty girl now!

  3. There is obviously a woman involved in this change! Peter

    1. Yes I had a lovely lady named Barbara in Whangarei do the sewing for me. She's a wonderful seamstress so watch out for more of her work. She's just made me a pair of Thai fisherman's pants and I feel a nice summer dress coming on...

  4. Wow that looks great you really are having a spring makeover, maybe I will come and visit sometime .....

  5. Glad to see the Japanese Lady is still in residence.