Monday, August 13, 2012

The Flying Tortoise Gets A Facelift And A Bottom Job...

The Flying Tortoise has been looking a bit, well, shabby lately. I've had her for over five years and she's been through some rough weather at various beach areas with sea spray and sand.
It was time for a makeover.
So into the operating theatre she went last week, the surgeon promising me a successful outcome.
He sandblasted her steely front, her wheels and her rear bumper back to bare metal.
And her entire cute bottom too
She was as naked as a new-born baby.
Then she was covered with a good coat of quality primer followed by lashings of an epoxy and finally a couple of coats of very expensive two-pot urethane paint.  Her face is black, she has a red grill and a very red bottom.
I'm assured her gorgeous little body will remain rust and corrosion free for many years.
As of now you could eat your dinner off her beautiful clean shiny bottom.
If you were so inclined...

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  1. certainly know how to take care of a lady

  2. Wow, that should light up the road pavement.

  3. That red bum sure looks sore,Good job .rock on mate

  4. Cool...The Ultimate Lady in Red....

  5. Good colour choice, very eye dazzling.

  6. Wow - going for bright! She looks fab!

  7. When i last painted the underneath of my traveling home ,i painted her a bunch of daisys on the rare of the fuel tank .
    I like the red and black canturbury colours