Thursday, August 30, 2012

There Wasn't Anything Wrong But They're Fixing It Anyway...

There was nothing wrong with Blogger
but hey, what would I know.
Things have to be constantly updated and improved and I'm very pleased and thankful for Blogger having that attitude.
But sometimes when someone messes with something that isn't broken, it gets broken.
It's Murphy's Law.
It's difficult to talk to anyone about the problem,
I guess they're aware of it and, as has happened many times before, it will get fixed.
Patience is a virtue they say and that's what's called for.
Now where will I get some of that...


  1. How weird is that... I'm having no trouble uploading things to Blogger. I wonder if it would work if you tried a different browser?

    1. Thanks Maria. I use Firefox but don't think that's the problem. All my photo images are in Picasa and I go there, select what I want and click on 'BlogThis'.
      From that moment on it turns to custard and nothing happens.
      I know google are working on blogger at the moment and I think it's just a matter of time.
      But I'll look forward to your or anyone elses opinion and thoughts on the matter...

    2. do you remmember life pre the PC age. It was so relaxed no stress about up dating this or get the latest that. Recon we,ve been conned big time.No we've conned our selves.
      We think we have gained a lot but Oh boy we've lost so much more.

  2. Ahhhh..... see I just upload though the blogger interface.

    I hope it's fixed soon. You always have such cool stuff :)

  3. Hi Keith, we use MS Livewriter (free download) and post from there. Pictures are loaded onto your post before you post it. Therefore you can get it all set up before you go anywhere near blogger. Then it is one upload for the complete post to blogger. Works well for us.

    1. Thanks Jenny, I'll have a look at that.
      The problem at the moment could just be a Picasa one and all my eggs are in that particular basket.
      I'm looking at some alternative methods but the way I've been doing it has worked very well for me and I'm keen to keep the system...

  4. Wondering if you have met Patience yet?