Saturday, August 25, 2012

A Delicious Campfire Treat. Chocolate Cake Baked In An Orange...

Does this look delicious or what!
You might like to visit Root Simple. I was over there recently, it's a new blog I'm following, one that's devoted to back to basics living.
While there, I found a few recipes for some wonderful campfire treats.
Here's the one for delicious
Chocolate Cake Baked In An Orange.
Cut the tops off ten oranges and scoop out the pulp. Fill the oranges three quarters full with chocolate cake mixture then put the orange tops back on. Wrap each orange in aluminium foil then place each orange on the smouldering coals of the campfire avoiding any intense flames. Cook for about thirty minutes turning once or twice.
There's six other yummy recipes here.
Did I mention they were non fattening...
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  1. Wots'de world coming to...? Gypsies'll be chocolate coating there hedgehogs next and popping'm in a microwave.

    1. I prefer my hedgehogs battered and deep fried in sump oil on an old car tier fire which adds to the aromatic ambiance of the Romany lifestyle.

  2. Non-fattening... I don't think so. But they look so delicious I think I'll have to try them... When's your next camp fire happening?

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