Friday, August 10, 2012

The Edible Coffee Cup...

Now you can drink your coffee
and then eat the cup.
A deliciously simple and probably a very appetising concept for many.
Venezuelan designer Enrique Luis Sardi created this edible cookie or cake cup for the Italian coffee house Lavazza.
The cup has an insulated interior made with a sugar liner which makes it a wonderful taste treat without allowing the coffee to seep through.
Clever eh. Let them eat cake...
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  1. I'm not sure a good old cup of coffee should be messed with....

  2. Now this raises a problem do we drink the coffee first or eat the cup,

  3. sounds kind of tasty, perhaps... besides, edible cup, less waste... i bet it is actually quite beautiful and could be better imagined as a dessert, as i do agree that a good cup of coffee can indeed stand on its own.