Saturday, August 18, 2012

London's About To Have The World's Largest Solar Bridge...

A famous nursery rhyme said many years ago that London Bridge was falling down, well today there's still over one hundred of them crossing the River Thames.
One of them, the Blackfriars Station Bridge will soon be the world's largest solar bridge.
When it's completed, it'll provide 900,000kwh of electricity annually, provide more than fifty percent of the power needed to operate the transit hub and each year, dramatically reduce CO2 emissions by around 511 tonnes.
The finished solar roof will consist of over 4,400 panels. Other energy saving measures on the bridge include rain harvesting systems and sun pipes for natural lighting.
For more information, have a look here.
Congratulations London.
May the sun shine brightly on you...

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  1. The use of solar is certainly taking off all round the world in all sorts of ways. I think it's great.