Saturday, September 1, 2012

Golden Handshake Goes Platinum...

Mobile phone charges in New Zealand
are some of the highest in the world.
I'm not a Rocket Scientist but I'm sure there's some connection between these exorbitant charges and the outlandish golden handshake given to the outgoing Telecom New Zealand CEO, Paul Reynolds.
He's seen here either giving thanks
to the great god Mammon or his fellow directors
who've allowed him to pocket this
obscene bonus.
Paul Reynolds pocketed more than 12 million dollars in cash and shares during his last year with the company.
On a daily basis during that twelve months he was paid $34,000 per day.
Yes, $34,000 per day!
During his five years with the company
he was paid almost 30 million dollars.
I think I'll become a CEO whatever that is...

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  1. Maybe you should put the question to the people who gave him the contract?

  2. I'm amazed technical problems are still happening. I thought NZ Blogger would have the best technicians, web designers and programmers and problems would be quickly resolved.
    Thanks for persevering with your blog it's always an interesting and informative read.
    I am posting this comment via my mobile phone and agree with you about NZ's exorbitant charges. We are told it's because of NZ's small population base but like you I think golden handshakes representing millions dollars is the leak reason.
    How greedy and corrupt can these monopolies get.

    1. Thankyou LA. I guess you meant 'real reason' rather than leak reason.
      Hopefully the problems will be resolved sooner rather than later but there seems to be more each day. Some blogs are affected it seems and some are not.
      Difficult to understand especially when communication with Picasa/Google is impossible...

  3. stick with it we will wait with you ,i wouldnt like to miss out on my daily fix of your blog.I seem to be getting only half a picture, but i get all the message