Saturday, August 11, 2012

Tokelau. The First Wholly Solar Powered Nation In The World...

Tokelau, the tiny country with the bluest of blue waters will be the first wholly solar powered nation in the world.
The first of three solar powered systems being installed on the three atolls that make up Tokelau has been turned on. Fakaofo turned off its old diesel electricity system that burned around 200 litres of fuel daily and became totally
solar powered.
The other atolls, Nukunonu and Atafu will have their solar systems totally operational by
the end of the year.
The Mount Maunganui based New Zealand company Powersmart, said Tokelau's new system is among the largest off-grid solar systems in the world. It includes 4032 solar panels, 392 inverters and 1344 batteries, each weighing 230kg.
During periods of prolonged cloud cover, generators running on coconut oil will supply power and simultaneously recharge
the battery bank.
Tokelau. A little nation leading the world...

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  1. What a cool little country. Adding it to my list of places to see someday.

  2. What a leading-edge small country and how innovative to adapt Coconut oil, a renewable, self grown source, instead of importing diesel.
    I hope other countries take note and Tokelau becomes a world trail-blazer.

  3. Excellent.

    I would have thought wind would be a good option for nights and cloudy days.

  4. Sometime it takes a child to lead the way.

  5. That's brilliant. Let's hope that the seas don't rise far enough to snuff out their example.

  6. Hey, this is awesome! I wonder how many years it took to get finally independent... I think that deserves a congratulations!!

    -Sharone Tal

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