Friday, August 3, 2012

Japan's Wonderful Sunflower Festival...

Wordsworth wrote about seeing a crowd,
a host of golden daffodils.
I guess he hadn't seen fields of glorious giant Sunflowers.
The Japanese Sunflower Festival, also called the Himawari Matsuri Festival, is held in Zamu, located in the Kanagawa Prefecture.
Zamu is world famous for its extensive Sunflower fields and its visitors can enjoy their Sunflower seeds, Sunflower beer and Sunflower pasta amongst other Sunflower delights.
You can see more about the festival here.
Fortunately too for the world, Vincent Van Gogh saw the Sunflower and in 1888 painted his wonderful series featuring this beautiful bloom...

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  1. I love sunflowers. They make me feel happy.

  2. Amazing pictures. I would like to try sunflower beer.

  3. Thank you, Keith.
    I love the sunflowers, those in the fields and the van Gogh’s
    Here they are in season now.