Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Help Save Russia From Yourself Vladimir...

I don't wish to tell you how to run your country
Mr Putin, well, that's not quite true, maybe I do.
I guess nobody's ever told you that the world in general and Russia in particular would be better places without your bullying tactics and repressive regime.
I'm sure you're aware of Freedom of Speech.
Of course you are.
You say and do what you like all the time.
The people of Russia Vladimir, are entitled to the same liberties. But hey, I know you're busy, it's probably something you've just overlooked.
Look Vlad, I'm very aware that there are many other leaders who've got carried away by their own importance and have a lot to answer for too. Yes, their records when it comes to Human Rights leave a lot to be desired and
when I can find the time I'll be talking to them
on that very issue.
But today it's your turn Vlad.
You can be such a Pussy sometimes you know.
If there's anything you'd like to chat about or think I might be able to help at all, just email me...
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  1. Yes... But I've got to admire your taste in lipstick Mr Putin.

  2. So, you want to come and run my country, You and your bus pffft, I spit on your bus, you call it accomodation, come to Moscow, I put you up, see what accomodation is, Ha!

    1. Jeremy, what a very kind offer.
      Thankyou so much. I'm a bit busy at the moment helping with some other countries issues but perhaps as soon as I'm free so to speak I'll have my people talk to your people...

  3. I would SO love it if you could talk to those Chinese folks. Seems the guys running things there are a bit on the side of squashing human rights, and well, the general public for that matter. I look forward to your wise words!!

  4. Strange things, novadays people are like lemmings on social wave. Be real, me not a fan of Vladimir, but I live here deep in Russia, and let ME and other russians decide - do we need him or not.Strange to read such positive blog, engraved with politicism. Are you sure every bad word about Putin is truth? Really? Come here, be my guest, live a little, and that can be more clear to see reality.