Friday, August 17, 2012

China Bathes In The World's Most Over-Crowded Swimming Pools...

In the heat of summer, many people in China take to the swimming pools to cool off.
There's certainly no room to swim in these seething masses of humanity and they're lucky if they're able to stand up without drowning while the mayhem continues around them.
There's one pool in the Yao Stink district of China that somehow accomodates 230,000 people at the one time!
These people don't realise or perhaps don't care they're being covered in almost 100% coli bacteria.
Toxicologists have noted that urine and fecal matter makes up nearly 90% of the lethal mix.
In 2008, one man died, surprisingly only one, and over three thousand people were poisoned when they swallowed the water which contained body waste from 47,000 bathers in Beijing's gigantic Mao Mao Pool.
If you're not totally nauseated, you might wish to read even more here.
I'm off for a shower and a walk in the fresh air...

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  1. Dang, a hundred or so could drown in that pool and no one would notice.

  2. I love that they all have rubber rings! I suppose there is no room to actually practice how to swim....

  3. Why anyone would want to swim there is beyond me. I'd rather shoot myself in the head.

  4. That's not a swimming pool! It's a big toilet! Unbelievable!

  5. O no!! Rather nauesating .....that has really put me off breakfast and I was so looking forward to it!!
    You do write the most fascinating blog Keith .

  6. Just shows that us humans have increased like bacteria on a Petry dish...How much longer can it be before Earth's ecosystems start to collapse around our ears? Frightening.

  7. It just goes to show that us humans have increased like bacteria on a Petri dish...It can only end in tears fo us, and probably sooner that we think. We'll be drowing in our own mess, same as these people swin in it!