Tuesday, March 27, 2012

The Horsebox House...

Rima Staines is a beautiful woman and a wonderfully talented artist.
We've never met
but I know these things to be true.
You've only to look at her blog,
The Hermitage, or read what she says about hers and her partners life in their housetruck to know I'm right.
There's a story of The Housebox House in
Lloyd Kahn's Tiny Home book and Rima's words have kept delighting me since the book was published many weeks ago.
I expect they might delight and inspire you too.
Here's some of them...
"The journey was both wonderful and hard.
They learned that life on the move was more raw and more real. They got to see people's prejudices up close.
Gathering the necessities of life such as water and firewood took up much of their days...
It was a tiny house indeed. The outdoors was also part of their home, which meant that their space shrank when it rained...
Bathing was done in front of the fire in a small tin bath they kept on a hook on the wall...
The wind rocked their house like they were at sea and the rain drummed up a delightful percussion on the roof...
Life on the move also gave them a sense of living in full colour. All their days were as vivid as the treasured memory of a favourite holiday. They learned to live a life without the grays, without the wishing for a 'one day' or an 'if only' sort of life.
They lived it in the minute and it was bright..."
Rima's full tale of life on the road is here...

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  1. Thank you so much Keith for your lovely words and glowing telling of my tale :)
    Warm wishes and wheels to you from this side of the world :)

  2. I think Rima's words are very true and a wonderful description of life on the move living in a mobile home.
    I've recently embraced a nomadic lifestyle, I haven't yet found a vehicle as unique as Rima's Horsebox House, but I'm looking.
    I could echo all her thoughts but the thing I'm most glad about is that I'm not wishing for a 'one day' or an 'if only' sort of life.
    I'm living my dream and loving it.

  3. You are indeed a rich man Mr. Levy. For starters you have friends all over the world. Secondly, you sir have a heart of gold. I imagine people draw close to you on a chilly day for the warmth.

    your friend,

    the rat

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