Saturday, March 17, 2012

It's Called Yarn Bombing...

It's called Yarn Bombing.
And also known as Guerilla Knitting, Urban Knitting and Graffiti Knitting
It's the practice of knitting psychedelic sweaters and scarves for inanimate objects.
It appears to have started in the Netherlands sometime in 2004.
Much more acceptable than painted graffiti,
it looks like it's here to stay..
Magda Sayag from Houston is known as the Mother of Yarn Bombing and Joan Matvichuk of Alberta started International Yarn Bombing Day which was first observed on June 11, 2011. 
It's such fun and hopefully, a yarn that'll be spun for a while...

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  1. You need to get one of those for the Flying Tortoise. You could get a matching hat and vest.

    the rat

    1. Thankyou Mr Rat, perhaps you could get your needles out and start knitting...

  2. Wonderful! I have a soft spot for yarnbombing, it's such fun to see!

    Just stumbled across your blog, it's great to read about alternative offgrif lifestyles - like mice but different! I live offgrid on a narrowboat in Cambridge.

    Your newest follower,
    Live-aboard boater,
    Narrowboat Lucky Duck

  3. What wonderfully creative graffiti. I love it.