Friday, March 16, 2012

Knitting For Africa And The Fish'n Chip Babies...

Campervan tourists Alessandra and Findlay
from the UK are, strange as it may seem, sitting in the sun here at Uretiti, knitting baby clothes for a wonderful cause.
This isn't new but I hadn't heard of it before now.
The situation is so incredibly sad.
Babies born with Aids in Africa and with no hope of survival are sent home to die, not clothed but wrapped in newspaper.
They're known as the Fish'n Chip Babies.
You can read two stories about it here and here. Both include knitting patterns in case you feel compelled to get your needles out right away.
Or you can google fish'n chip babies...

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  1. What a great thing to do, if I could knit I would join in, not one of my stong points.

  2. These two just started knitting a couple of weeks ago, and they're doing it. I'm sure it's not elaborate, there are simple instructions. Give it a go...

  3. Such a tragic and sad need both in Africa and New Zealand. What a great thing to do, the pattern looks easy and like one of the links says, they reach their intended destination - not like money.

  4. I started a group of friends here in Spain knitting 'fish and chip' jumpers and beanies, and it has snowballed far beyond my initial intention. Can you supply me with an address for a central organisation in UK who would take our knits, or an address in Africa where they need to go. I would be very grateful for any help you can give. thanks Kate

    1. Kate, thankyou.
      I think if you google 'fish and chips babies' you will find an address to send your knits too.
      What you and your friends are doing is wonderful...

  5. Our craft group in the UK found out about the fish and chip babies and copied the pattern for the members to take home. While knitting I remembered how quickly new babies grow out of their first size clothes and thought of all the babies throughout the world who would have outgrown clothes. Would it be possible for some organisation to organize a collection of these first or second size clothes to reach these very unfortunate babies and their mothers?

  6. Good morning, I have started the Fish and Chip project in Johannesburg South Africa and would love to get more people involved. My postal address is PO Box 786548, Sandton, Johannesburg, 2146, South Africa and my email address is Kind regards Susan McKenzie