Sunday, March 18, 2012

Simple Camping Made Simpler...

Old style camping at Uretiti has been great fun over many years for David and Ivy.
They'd bring their cute little caravan or their tent, a simple gas ring for cooking up freshly caught fish, some toast or a cup of tea .
They'd eat their cheese, their sandwiches, their watermelon and they'd go to bed happy.
Now, Field Candy are making a Yummy range of tents that look like food.
The plan is to go camping and if you get hungry and you've forgotten your provisions, simply eat your tent then go and sleep with someone else in their tent.
Take a hike over here and here to have a look at others on the menu...

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  1. What fun. Perhaps DoC could change its image.

  2. Oh I NEED that sandwich one!!!!!!

  3. The only trouble with eating the cheese tent is that you'll probably end up having nightmares !