Thursday, March 1, 2012

The Tiny Vostok Cabin...

This isn't the most beautiful tiny shed
on the planet.
But it does have a wood stove and a toilet.
The Vostok Cabin is currently on show at the
Cite de la Science in Paris.
It's made from recycled steel plate reclaimed from scrapped ships.
According to the Dutch design studio, Atelier Van Lieshout, 'The Vostok is a movable, nomadic, indestructible, basic dwelling with an
armoured shell.
Value systems of yesterday are no longer relevant.
A new civilization is ahead of us.
We may need to find alternative ways of living.'
We may indeed...

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  1. That would be an oven in the summer here in Texas.

    1. Well, everything should have at least a couple of uses...

  2. I think the people in europe wouldn't like something that looks like a portable gas chamber but there is no accounting for taste.
    a little to closed in for comfort.

    the rat

  3. Well that's a reality I'll reject.