Thursday, March 8, 2012

Who's The Richest...

The Forbes Rich List for 2012 is out
and once again my name has been omitted.
Last year they said it was an oversight.
In this world  there are 1,226 people deemed to be billionaires, because on paper at least, they've got truckloads of money.
I wonder how many of them have the time to stop doing what they're doing to safeguard their hoards and just sit and look at the sea to meditate on it's beauty.
Man is the richest when his pleasures
are the simplest...
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  1. I'm happy and I can't even afford the truck!

    1. good luck and strong spirits for your exploration / new life. so many women and men doing this sort of great fun / self discovery are not married. or should i say it in the affirmative -- are living their own lives independent of a relationship. is there a secret in there somewhere????

  2. You must be the richest man I know!!

  3. I'll take your type of riches any day over way too much money/stuff to watch over.

  4. Keith - my friend you are indeed one of the richest men that I know.

  5. Remember the song " You can't take that away from me".
    I am sure we all know someone who is no longer rich in money terms -
    Keith and others enjoying the good life , break into song and perhaps a little dance and celebrate the start of each day and the going down of the sun in the evening - long may we enjoy !!!!!

  6. I suppose it depends which side of the fence you ae sitting on .

  7. a man who has friends who will stand by him is rich. a person who loves and is loved has everything

    the Mohave rat