Monday, March 19, 2012

Big Brother Targets UK Motorists...

Ostensibly to stop motorists driving off without paying for petrol, the CCTV cameras installed at Petrol Stations across the United Kingdom will now, under new government legislation,
trigger automatic checking of the vehicle's insurance status.
No insurance. No Petrol.
Under the excuse that there are 1.4 million uninsured vehicles on UK roads, this new information will be added to the government's data base allowing another piece of invasive and punitive legislation to further erode the privacy of the individual.
What next you may well ask.
They already track what you do, who with, when and where, using your mobile phone, eftpos
and credit cards.
And imagine when the computer system malfunctions as it surely will, and you and your insured vehicle are denied petrol.
Oh for the simple days of the horse and cart. There was no insurance,
no petrol, but still a lot of shit to deal with...
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  1. Are you talking about CTV cameras being erected in New Zealand Petrol Stations? When and how were we informed about this (particularly the insurance angle)?? Surely this would involve government legislation?
    How do you know and how can it be verified? What about those of us who don't get/read newspapers and look at the so called news/drama on TV? How would we know?....

  2. The UK first and then the world. . .

  3. Big brother has targetted the British public for years and is not likely to give up any time soon. Too many people don't care or are even happy with being spied on by the authorities: they feel "safer" from crime. Dopey gits.

    CCTV cameras are everywhere. Has it stopped crime? no. As to this new use of a existing system: they haven't started with it yet. But you can bet your bottom dollar it will. There is some opposition, some retailers are not happy because it puts their staff at increase risk,retailers say "they are not law enforcers". So they need the retailers to agree to it. One of the carrots is that car insurance "could" become £40 per annum cheaper...Yeah, right...If you believe that you believe anything. As you probably can tell I am all for it...

    Anyway, my lawn-mower does not have a number plate and no insurance...How will I get my petrol I wonder!

  4. I for one do not have a problem with this until that is, the system breaks down! But by doing this are we not putting the staff at petrol stations at risk of confrontation?

  5. The 'good old days' eh! I wonder why we think that?
    I totally hate the idea and reality of being watched over by 'Big Brother,' horribly invasive, but neither do I want to go back to horse and cart, cars run on kerosene, water, straw - during the war. Or night carts.
    Compulsory vehicle insurance is a good idea perhaps grouped with registration. I know the frustration of being involved in an accident caused by the other person who doesn't have insurance.

    1. Wow, that's a fantastically radical idea! Insurance and vehicle registration grouped together.
      I wonder why the UK Government didn't think of that...