Friday, March 9, 2012

Bruce The Nomad Is 81. He's An Inspirational Young Man...

Bruce is once again my neighbour for a time.
He and his mate Tom, a sixteen year old Rainbow Parakeet have been on the road for ten years in his nine metre bus Shiralee.
He's toured New Zealand's South Island four times but now he's usually in the north, kite fishing and making the most of his life.
And when the weather turns to custard, he's surfing the net and keeping in touch with friends on the laptop his daughters gave him for his eightieth birthday.
Do it before it's too late he says.
He's a great guy and a wonderful inspiration...

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  1. I've met 'Nomad Bruce'. Yes he is an inspiration to 'do it before it's too late'. Good on him.

  2. I hope he and his bird have a lot more time together on the road.