Sunday, March 25, 2012

How Many Camels Can You Fit In The Eye Of A Needle?

I'm sure it's something
you've always wanted to know, isn't it.
The answer is nine.
Ten would be squashing them.
And how many prancing horses can you fit
on the head of a pin?
Only one actually.
The head of a pin is very small.
British sculptor William Wigan, a dyslexic who can now, at 55, barely read or write, is able to create some of the smallest sculptures in the world relying on nothing but his amazing talent, patience, a scalpel and a microscope.
He's able to fit nine camels inside the eye of a needle.
It takes an average of eight weeks for Mr Wigan to complete a sculpture.
It can take me eight weeks to thread a single piece of cotton in there.
When working he enters a meditative state which slows his heart rate allowing him to reduce any hand tremors and actually work his magic between heartbeats.
And then to paint his creation, he often uses a single hair from a dead housefly.
You need to know that too.
If you want to see more, have a look here...

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  1. How amazing.
    I wonder why we label people 'dysexic' does it make us feel better when we put others who are different in a box?
    We all have different gifts and talents and this man's are unique.