Friday, March 23, 2012

Precious Time...

Next to our health,
it's our most valuable commodity.
Our most precious possession.
This Daliesque image shows pieces of time slipping away. As it does.
Moments of time never to be had again.
Moments, sometimes long, very long moments called years go by as we waste our precious time chasing after things
that are not important at all.
All we have is the now.
Make the most of it...
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  1. yes indeed my friend! the time I have spent being your fan and friend has been time well spent.

    the rat

  2. Oh, yes, you are right - there is just nothing else to comment... nothing else than this moment...

    There is a moment to start into life and there will be a moment to end with it - and quite a few inbetween, all moments we have...

    This idea is not really a new one, but it needs somebody to remind us to be aware of it every moment! ;-)

  3. How very true. They say youth is wasted on the young dont they ....

  4. I am going to turn 70 my next birthday and time is becoming short and precious to me. My father passed away at age 60, so I feel like I have been on borrowed time for the last nine years.

  5. I think our minds were on the same page yesterday...reflection and acceptance of.