Monday, March 26, 2012

Understanding Women...

Volume One of Understanding Women
is now at a bookshop near you.
It's bound to be a best seller.
Pick up this handy paperback edition.
If you can...
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  1. Volume one of understanding men out next week.........

  2. Yes...
    It's a lifetime study and then you still won't understand us!
    Any such books about men?
    Or are they so small we can't find them?
    The books I mean.

  3. How many volumes are there? I would imagine that there are a lot of them and many in the making. For men, a pamphlet will do.

  4. I love their laugh. I love their smile. I love the way their hair blows in the wind. I love to hear them talk. I love to watch them walk. I love everything about women and I have since I was about 13.That is all I know and it is enough.

    the rat

    1. Well said Mr Rat.
      I agree with you.
      Women are beautiful.
      I can't imagine life without them
      and don't wish to.
      Here's to women!
      All of them!