Thursday, March 22, 2012

Tiny Earthbag Homes...

Pieces of art to live in really aren't they.
There's so many sites to show you how, you can build a house like this with virtually no experience and learn as you go along.
Considered by many to be the most inexpensive and economical way to construct a dwelling because the materials are usually on site already and free.
The most expensive item are the solid weave polypropylene bags if you buy them new.
Usually they've been used to hold rice and grains during shipment and the second time around ones are just fine.
You may have seen some of these wonderful little works of art before, they've been featured on Tiny House Living and Tiny House Listings.
So many tiny houses to choose from...

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  1. Yes... They really are beautiful pieces of art. Is it really possible to live in some of them?
    I'm enjoying the concept of using second hand and free on-site materials to make a low cost home. So much more creative and asthetic than the 'brick and pile' mostly ugly edifices that are commonly built at great expense with crippling mortgages.