Thursday, March 29, 2012

How To Have Your Own Free Tiny Public Library...

Little Free Library is a grassroots initiative
by Todd Bol and Rick Brooks, both of Wisconsin in the US, to build more libraries around the world than the 2510 the great philanthropist Andrew Carnagie did.
These cute little dollhouse sized 'libraries' serve as free community book exchanges.
More than 200 have already been installed in over twenty countries.
Why not start one on your street corner...

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  1. Such a wonderful idea, and it seems to be working.

  2. I like that currently dumping book to the school fair. Could be good later on Keith

  3. How innovative. It would make going for my daily walk interesting, never know what treasure I might find.

  4. There are several of these mini libraries in Christchurch, assembled after the 'quakes , mostly they are large glass fronted fridges, mounted in cleared corner sections . A little ray of sunshine amongst the silt dust.

    1. Thanks for that Dusty.
      It's good to see a good idea working without bureaucrats interfering and saying no or something similar...