Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Hair Today Gone Tomorrow...

There I was, and still am.
At one of my favourite places, Ray's Rest at Kaiaua, indulging in the sunshine, enjoying the respite of the La Nina winds that have been following me around Northland all summer and a lady from a neighbouring motorhome stopped by for a chat.
Isn't the day lovely she said, you're so lucky being able to stay here longer.
My husband would just love to stay a few more days and do some fishing and just relax and enjoy.
It would be so good for him too, he's been under a lot of stress lately, but we really have to go home tomorrow.
Oh I said wanting to appear concerned and caring, it must be really important to compel you to leave.
Yes it is she said, I've got a hair appointment...
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  1. Oh yes... That made me laugh out loud. Haha so funny, Im also at a lovely beach doing a spot of fishing, have decided to stay one more day, then I have to go - because...
    I have a hair appointment on Friday!
    Perhaps the next skill I learn should be to cut hair...

  2. ;-) Keith, we are hoping you are not involved in a hair problem.
    Have a nice day, enjoy and stay as long as you like.

  3. Hairlareous laughing so much, oh the joys of being a couple?

  4. Hairlarious the joys of being domiciled with another on the road? Life is full of hair raising compromises.

  5. You keep posting pictures from NZ that remind me of our own 4 months there, bouncing around in a battered old van. It was winter, and we made dinner every night with numb fingers, and we were never eager to leave our sleeping bags in the morning, but every day was an overwhelming succession of unfathomably gorgeous views, one replacing the other as we drove along. Looking out over a landscape mostly unspoiled by the corporate wreckage that seems to have conquered so much of what was formerly wild and beautiful in the US, I sincerely hoped the kiwis can keep what they have.

    Thanks for sharing these pictures with us.


    1. Thanks Zeke for your comment.
      We are fortunate. New Zealand is an incredibly beautiful country but so too are many parts of the US I've travelled in...
      Please forgive the play on words, but I can't resist. Y'all come back now y'hair...

  6. What did the tortoise say to the hair?

    1. I don't know Mr Horse.
      What did the tortoise say to the hair?

    2. I thought the wise old Tortoise would have known what he said to the Hair.

    3. I think he might have said, you go on and I'll see you up ahead...