Saturday, December 21, 2013

Doing This Gymnastic Routine Is So Easy...

I know you're all thinking hey that's so easy,
as you relax and enjoy the comfort of your sun loungers and reclining chairs.
But let me tell you, it's harder than it looks.
I went out and bought a pair of tight fitting shorts last week, called up a few of my friends, well all of them actually. I only had four. And said hey come on over, there's this really cool thing we can do together.
No nothing too kinky, just a bit of bonding.
Well it didn't turn out so well.
They are now either in hospital or traction or both. One of them, well never mind, and another is unable to move and when the other two come out of their comas we might be able to discuss our ongoing or not ongoing friendship.
And then there's my hernia...
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  1. Well, if you WILL buy your shorts at the Warehouse! Of course you weren't successful. Those people have DESIGNER shorts.

  2. Not to mention the one with the "frozen:

  3. Not surprised at the outcome of trying to do a few basic exercises that come naturally way into old age for us Hungarians. Unfortunately, New Zealanders have become soft because they don't have the advantages we do with physical fitness built right into every day life. Most people can't afford cars here so, we walk everywhere, elevators are only in buildings with more than 4 floors so, we take the stairs and desk jobs are few and far between so we can enjoy the great outdoors pursuing agricultural careers without the drawback of expensive machinery that are a hindrance to muscle development. And if that wasn't bad enough from your point of view, our immigration laws are so strict there is no hope of you moving here either. Isn't life a bummer?

  4. the troubles of a community organizer..

  5. I read this was one of those almost looks alive cutouts they put in front of gyms in the US. People fall for it all the time. Sorry you don't have any friends now.

  6. I figure those people are all lying on a big waterbed or floor mat while the camera snaps them from overhead. I've seen other photos that use the same trick to produce Raphael Ascension-type images. Simple but clever and effective.