Tuesday, December 3, 2013

The World's Most Extreme Loo Has The Most Amazing Voo...

This bizarre loo with a voo has been voted the most extreme place to do your you-know-whats in the world.
Evidently the world's most scariest loo is on top of an open lift shaft on the fifteenth floor of a building in Guadaljara in Mexico.
The toilet sits on a sheet of glass. Sheet!
But that's another story.
This totally terrifying toilet is perched on the edge of a 2600 meter high cliff in the Altai Mountains in Siberia.
To use it you either have to be very brave or extremely desperate.
This precarious privy perching over a precipice is used by the brave staff who work at the weather station at Kara-Tyurek. They are visited once a month by the postman who always knocks twice and who collects weather data. A helicopter delivers food, water, wood for the stove and of course, toilet paper.
People have been using this loo with a view since 1939 and there's been no fatalities recorded but it's not known how many folk have just been scared to death...

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  1. I got to say that is bizarre for sure!! I would be too scared to pooooo or what ever. I loved the way you worded your blog today. Good job and not too full of shi....