Friday, December 6, 2013

Nelson Mandela Made Our World A Better Place...

Thankyou Mr Mandela.
You gave us hope and made this world
a better place.
You were a courageous, inspirational and beautiful person.
We will mourn you. We will miss you.
With love...

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  1. Peace Brother.Need more good people like you on this Earth.

  2. Mandela... An exceptional man who showed the world the way to justice and unity through forgiveness in a way nobody has before. He will be mourned for a long time by all the South Africans who he lead out of Apartheid into today's freedom in South Africa.

  3. In politics where there is more talk than action, we saw a man whose priorities were for the down trodden. He did what was right at the cost of his own freedom. May he leave a legacy for others to follow in this very needy world. We bow our heads in gratitude Mr. Mandela for your example.