Monday, December 30, 2013

Some Of Twisted Sifters Top Photo Images For 2013...

It's about now that many websites display their choices of the best photo images for the year.
Twisted Sifter is an interesting site I visit from time to time and you can see more of their top hundred images for 2013 here.
Some you might have already seen featured on The Flying Tortoise blog.
I especially like the girl holding the mirror...

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  1. Keith, you showed us a lot of marvellous pictures during the year.
    I like the flying dog, and the children under the leaf, and all the other one.
    Btw: I tried to send you a Christmas E-mail. It came back with the note:
    Domain has no valid mail exchangers
    So herewith: thank you for another year of daily inspiration.

  2. There are two blogs that I check every day just to see something interesting: yours and Twisted Sifter, which I found through your blog. I find I don't miss TV or the newspaper at all!

  3. Right of the top of my head, the best picture here this year would be the two men walking their children, held by their ankles.

  4. Love them all and I love your site.So interesting. Happy New Year to you.

  5. I look forward to your posts