Friday, December 27, 2013

The Romantic Age Of Steam...

The wonderful romantic days of steam.
And the wonderful days of steam trains in particular and yes, the wonderful days of cough wheeze gasp pollution.
But no, never ever visual pollution.
This was the age of a particular beauty that we'll never see the likes of again.
This is a beauty that can reduce grown men to tears. Or was it the smoke in their eyes.
But I digress. Welsh father and son photography duo Robin and Talieson Coombes share a passion for recording the romance of the steam locomotive. To them the steam locomotive has a particular appeal as it's almost a living breathing machine that inspires awe even in those who've never actually seen them running.
You can see more of their beautiful images of our glorious past here now...

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  1. I've friends with a steam powered boat. They get together with a bunch of like minded folks a couple times each year. At least they are burning wood or propane instead of coal. Coal is just nasty.

  2. My Grandfather was an engineer on a steam engine. I sure remember those days. Of course I am a little older than you.

  3. They look and sound alive.Senses alive.Great .

  4. impressionistic inspiration: by far the best part of it

  5. If only everything that was beautiful was a good thing!

  6. My Grandfather was a designer of steam engines for the Santa Fe RR. He over saw the only plant Santa Fe had to rebuild the engines in the country. This was in Cleburne Texas. They eventually moved to electric engines, but he loved those engines with all his heart.