Sunday, December 15, 2013

Rex And Colleen's Very Unusual Get Away From It All 4WD Little Home on Wheels...

You'd be forgiven if at first glance you thought this very unusually shaped vehicle was an amphibious one. But it's not.
It is 4WD though and because Rex and Colleen like to get away from it all, this Series 2A Landrover Forward Control all aluminum vehicle allows them that freedom. The freedom of choice to fish and enjoy some of the most remote areas of this beautiful country.
When I first met them, Rex was thinking of selling the wonderful little getaway home on wheels they've had for about thirty years but I suggested he saw a psychiatrist and just got on with living. After all, I said to him, who in their right mind would give up such a perfect mode of go anywhere transport. When I last heard from him, the medication had kicked in and he wasn't going to sell it for all the tea in China.
Good on you Rex. I wonder just how much tea is there in China...

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  1. Lovely little vehicle and looks very aerodynamic. You can tell it's not lived in full-time like the Flying Tortoise but cute just the same. Possibly, New Zealand has the monopoly on the greatest variety of wonderful, rolling dwellings.

  2. 30 years! The designer was way ahead of his/her time on this one; glad they came to their senses...someone would pay a fair amount of tea for this.

  3. Maybe not as much tea as there used to be. Love your work, keep on cheering me each day , Francesca.

  4. Anywhere this vehicle can get, a two wheel drive can access. 4WD function in wet weather relies on the height of the differentials, & the height of the body. This vehicle has neither.
    Nice snazzy looking camper van, but not practicle for off road use in wet weather.

  5. That's awesome! I'd love to see the engineering work behind the steering, as it's bloomin' heavy on these at the best of times! Makes me want to do something similar. Better get pen to paper...